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July 7 2019- Interview with Literary Titan after the release of Imprint Legacy. The debut, Imprint Legacy, recieved a four star rating. It went on to be translated in Albanian, by Toena publishing house under the translated name of Transplanti i Jetes.

"This book has an intriguing premise with a unique world parallel to reality, and I enjoyed reading this story..." Literary Titan

October 14 2020 - Interview with Literary Titan after the release of Morning Star, a collection of short science-fiction and fantasy stories. The short story collection recieved a five star rating from the editorial review site.

"Morning Star by Dorian Keys is a sensational science fiction collection that captures the imagination..." Literary Titan

A review of Morning Star from BookLife a few months later remarked:

" ...the author has a knack for action-packed adventures that employ heroic achievers. " BookLife

The above article went on to be published in the January 2020 Publishers Weekly issue.

Here is an interview conducted in 2020 with IFB, InterFleet Broadcasting.

September 2021 - Dorian Keys in association with Cozy Reads Publishing created a podcast. Interviews and related can be found here.

November 2022 - Press release for Yesterday's Tomorrow.

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