About Dorian Keys

I have had quite a journey thoughout my life, but, as it's customary in 2021 to subvert expectations, i wont talk about that. I will however talk about me. Born in another world, as described in my book The Logical Conclusion of a Captive Mind, i was exposed to several layers of human behavior. At this stage of my life i have seen the spiral of history turn at least once. And by the looks of it, it will turn again and again. After graduating with a degree in Biology, a science that seems everyone knows nowadays, and unable to find a job in the field, i worked several jobs. Jobs that allowed me to thoroughly observe human behavior. Though the bulk of my inspiration comes from images and music, a good chunk of it comes from those experiences. I find it hard, if impossible, to self describe. However, and insert that word because MS Word has nailed it in my head, Cozy Reads Publishing owner and author SJ. Turner often calls me briliant.

A few individuals are aware of my qualifications to write and It would be irelevant for me to provide more details about who i am and what i curently do, but that will change as my works gain traction. I will see you on the flip side.

For now, I seldom spend more than a few minutes on social media so if you want to get in contact then use this form.