The chase

February 6th 2021 | #Action #Bitts #Scifi

The bright blue lights.

We chased him for five blocks. Up three flights of stairs and down a construction chute. He disappeared past a corner to his right immediately after we landed.

'Where did he go?' My partner asked trying to steady his breathing as we both stared at a 10 ft brick wall.


'No way he jumped that high.'

'Did you get any other description, past a hoodie and blue jeans?'

'Yeah, the lady at the store said... damn it!' He exclaimed patting himself down.

'What now?' I asked walking closer, examining the wall.

'I lost my notepad during the chase.'

. .

At the time we thought we were just chasing another criminal, that could somehow climb a 10 ft wall in a matter of seconds, unlikely but plausible.

Little did we know, this was directly connected to the event we all witnessed over the city two nights ago; the bright blue lights.

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