Imprint Legacy


Martin Cullen

"Very enjoyable read. Interesting premise. Well written. Good pacing. The main character was intriguing. I wanted it to be longer as I was enjoying it so much. Keep an eye on this author. He has a bright future."


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"...Detective Robert Miers and his partner Steven Enry are part of New City’s Interstate Operations Unit, working with the FBI to solve unusual cases. While investigating a missing persons case, a tip leads Robert and Steven to a house in Ohio.

But nothing there is as they expected.

Ten days later, Robert is missing chunks of his memories and his actions are under investigation by the New City Police Department because Steven disappeared that night. Will Robert be able to find his missing partner? And even if he does, will anything ever be the same for him again once he learns that reality is far different from what he’s always believed?...

...This really could have been a longer novel because Dorian Keys has done a fantastic job of setting compelling characters along a provocative plot against an intriguing background." -Literary Titan

Transplanti i Jetes

(Imprint Legacy)

Big thanks for a big day...

February 2020 was a bad month probably for the entire planet. With COVID-19 ravaging through it. However i was able to see a silver lining. This was the month Tranplanti i Jetes (Imprint Legacy) was published, in paperback, in Albanian. Big thanks to publishing house Toena, the editor Fatos Kongoli and the translator who helped me with this difficult task.