Together with Cozy Reads Publishing Dorian Keys is working on releasing a science fiction dystopia novel. About this book

Morning Star: A collection of science fiction and fantasy stories, will soon be translated and published by the Albanian Publishing house Toena. About this book.

Do you want to learn more about Dorian's writing process? Visit the Cozy Reads Publishing podcast featuring his recent interview.

Here is Dorian's three part mini-podcast about writing a scene.


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New Releases

Released in the height of the 2020 global pandemic Morning Star a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories is Dorian's way of escaping the reality.


The Author

Dorian Keys is the 4 star award Literary Titan winner, internationally published author of "Imprint Legacy".

His new book Morning Star, a science-fiction and fantasy short story collection, received a 5 star rating from the same source, Literary Titan .

Before becoming an author, he graduated from Queens College with a degree in Biology. He writes every chance he has carrying his laptop everywhere.



Imprint Legacy

Morning Star

The Logical Conclussion of a Captive Mind